December 14, 2019 @ 10:00 am – December 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Yin Yoga Training

In the fast-paced modern world, many people crave a chance to slow down and connect with their bodies. Increasingly, they find it through Yin Yoga. This style of yoga emphasizes surrendering to gravity in long-held poses, allowing for deep opening in both body and mind. In most forms of yoga, stretches are held for only a few breaths. In Yin, they’re held for several minutes.

The benefits of Yin are many, and this style is now highly in demand at yoga studios and elsewhere. However, safely teaching Yin requires a unique set of skills. In this training, you’ll learn about this desperately needed approach to yoga. Over two weekends, you’ll learn to sequence skillfully, avoiding injury to your students by adapting poses to all bodies, while helping also helping students to access deep relaxation. The Yin system derives from a background of Daoism and Chinese medicine, and integrates these systems’ understanding of energetics; we’ll spend time exploring this aspect as well. You’ll benefit from my extensive anatomy background and years of experience in teaching Yin, along with my accessible and fun approach to training. You’ll also have the rare opportunity to teach a community Yin class and receive feedback from me.

This training will equip you to teach an in-demand style of yoga, help you to develop a balanced and relaxing personal practice, and fulfill your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirement. (Don’t forget that yoga teachers can deduct continuing education expenses on their taxes!) Although you will be well-prepared to teach Yin Yoga at the end of the training, a desire to teach is not required. Those who simply want to learn more about Yin for personal development and to further their own practices will also receive a great benefit from this training. (Teaching the observed Yin class is optional.)

Yin Yoga teachers are in high demand, and the world needs more of this relaxing approach to yoga. Don’t miss this unique training!

November 23-24 & December 14-15,
Saturday (10-6)
Sunday (11-6)

$450 for training and materials.

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