Don’t miss out on another pop-up class with guest teacher Lisa Jan Cohen in her Saturday Service on November 13th from 1:30-3pm. Cost is $30 member / $35 non-member.
Lisa Jan Cohen is a dedicated, devoted and ever-evolving student of yoga. As a teacher, her approach is therapeutic, insightful and FUN. Lisa’s eclectic style reflects her in-depth studies and inspiration from Yoga Masters around the globe. Her ability to weave her knowledge of Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar and Kundalini traditions into a fluid and challenging yoga class is contagious. With an instinctive gift for reading and adjusting bodies Lisa heals through her touch and storytelling.
All proceeds support the Kyah Rayne Foundation. Lisa started this non-profit after losing her daughter to anaphylactic shock. The Kyah Rayne foundation is an organization dedicated to advancing food allergy awareness and education, and increasing epinephrine auto-injector availability to save lives.
Register now at or on your MindBody app. See you on your mat!

True Self Yoga offers in-person and livestream classes. View schedule here and register today!
  Face coverings optional. Specials: New Student- $30 for 1 Week of Unlimited Yoga & One Week Livestream Yoga FREE!  

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