True Community Countdown: 5 days until 5 year Anniversary

January 2020: Teacher Training #4!

On our 5-year anniversary we reflect on all four 200-hour Teacher Trainings held at True Self Yoga and each of the dedicated yogis who completed the course. It can be one of the most challenging, inspiring, and rewarding opportunities you experience. Challenging to commit to the rigorous 10 weekends of yoga training; inspiring to watch the personal and professional growth in yourself and your fellow yogis; and rewarding to see each person find their own unique outlet and expression in teaching yoga. In 2020, this resilient group of yogis faced an extra challenge-navigating Covid-19. The final weekends of training were paused for four months, continued on virtual and completed in the sweltering heat of August outdoors in the Surya Studio. Thank you Teacher Trainees for your commitment to True Self.


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