7 Day Countdown to True Self 5-year Anniversary AND Re-opening

30-Day Challenge!

How many yoga classes can you do in 30 days? 10, 20, 30? Push your edge with the support of true community. Tally your completed classes in the lobby and ride the good vibes of your fellow yogis. The 30-day challenge brings out the best in yogis who enjoy a extra motivation.  Offered twice a year at True Self Yoga- anyone who completes their challenge is entered into a drawing for TS swag, but the real prize is your health. We look forward to when we can offer it again- May 2021. Let’s do this!



Annual Membership Special only in Sept: Unlimited classes just $995
True Self is offering in-person and livestream classes. View schedule here and register today!
  Face coverings optional. Specials: New Student- $30 for 1 Week of Unlimited Yoga & One Week Livestream Yoga FREE!  

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