8 Day Countdown: 5 Year Anniversary AND Reopening!

True community parking lot: You may be surprised to know- one of our biggest success stories (and Vajra’s pride and joy) is expanding our parking lot. When we opened the studio in 2016 there was a small gravel lot with no designated parking spots. It was common to see Vajra directing traffic before and after class to maximize space. We wanted to add more classes but where would everyone park? After countless hours of envisioning, 100 yards of crushed gravel and the bobcat skills of Scot McQueen, we now have over 50 parking spots. The hidden secret to true community is ample parking!

Annual Membership Special only in Sept: Unlimited classes just $995
True Self is offering in-person and livestream classes. View schedule here and register today!
  Face coverings optional. Specials: New Student- $30 for 1 Week of Unlimited Yoga & One Week Livestream Yoga FREE!  

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