Slow flow classes at True Self Yoga are an invitation to take a deep breath.
Slow flow is meant for students of all levels of experience, from beginners to long time practitioners. In this class you will be guided into each posture with an emphasis on alignment, given variations of postures to suit your individual needs, and develop a deeper connection between your breath, your body, and your truest self.

The newest slow flow class to make its way to the schedule is happening every Saturday at 4pm.

Each Saturday class rotates being taught by Lindsay Porter and Robin Ralph, allowing for students to experience the unique style that each teacher brings to class.

Lindsay crafts classes that are playful, cleansing and help her students access a deeper understanding of themselves.  She encourages students to listen to their bodies and enjoys teaching a flow that is both challenging and restorative. As a Family Medicine physician and yogi, she has a deep respect for the body and its ability to heal. By practicing yoga, she is able to find wellness and balance within herself allowing others to do the same.

Robin’s teaching style encourages her students to delve deeply into the felt experience of the body. She invites opportunities for introspection, reflection, and intuitive movement. She welcomes her students to see the teacher that resides within each one of them and supports them in following their own body wisdom. She encourages her students find fluidity in the breath and stability in the body. She tends to teach at a slower pace with longer holds in order feel what each posture has to offer. At the heart of her teaching, Robin aims to create an environment of inclusion, self expression, love, growth and support. She hopes that each one of her students can take what they have learned on the mat, off the mat and out into the world.

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