Quest for Truth! First Gathering

Before the Grand Opening, we invited the first cohort of Quest for Truth yogis. The Quest for Truth scholarship is in honor of Vajra’s cousin, Trevor, who passed by suicide. We commemorate Trevor’s life by sharing yoga with young adults as they transition into adulthood. Through the practice, they learn to cultivate physical & mental health for self-awareness, balance and resilience. Check out the Original Group. Jade Land Rideout (pictured here 2nd from the left) later becomes a teacher at True Self Yoga.

#truecommunity, #questfortruth

True Self is offering limited in-person and livestream classes. View schedule here and register today!
  Face coverings required during your entire visit. Specials: New Student- $30 for 2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga & One Week Livestream Yoga FREE!  

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