Join TS teacher Robin and guest teacher Hannah, in this explorative workshop bridging the gap between the creative process and movement.

In this workshop participant wills engage with the power of words and how they are connected to feelings of the body. When these two seemingly simple and overlooked aspects of everyday life (words and movement) are consciously brought together we have the ability to awaken our innate creativity, spark joy and engage in life in a productive, embodied, and curious way.

Writing the Body is for anyone looking to develop a writing practice, connect with their innate divinity, and come home to their bodies. We will be exploring how writing and movement can be used to better understand the self and cultivate a sense of union. This will be accomplished through writing prompts, asanas, explorative movement, and meditation.

Not writing or yoga experiences necessary.

Participants will need to bring a mat, journal, writing implement and curiosity.

Members $25
Non-Members $30

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