Meet Gavin Mast, one of our Quest For Truth yogis!

Joining True Self Yoga through the Quest for Truth Youth Scholarship has been a life-changing opportunity. I am grateful for the practice and community I’ve cultivated, and the mentors I have met. Vajra and Christina are models of peace who teach a softer way to live through the embodiment of their practice in all areas of life.

I had not practiced yoga before coming to the studio in 2016 although I had already been on a journey of healing and self discovery. Yoga soon became one of the most consistently effective tools for healing from my father’s suicide and my own prolonged mental health challenges. After experiencing many years of disconnect from my body as somebody who is transgender and additionally recovering from severe self harm during adolescence, practicing yoga has given me the space to establish a compassionate connection to my body.

The practice provides an ability to examine and release the unhealthy patterns of thought and reaction that have continued to make me sick. I have found freedom and peace as I transform inner turmoil and negativity into a space that is habitable, healthy and present.

I have come to realize that struggle and suffering are part of the practice. However, I am learning how to struggle more skillfully with a growing self awareness that allows me to process my emotions instead of accumulating mental and physical tension. When I fall out of balance, I am able to bring myself back more quickly and gracefully. The body and mind reveal their nature with presence, which is a gift that goes far beyond the physical postures. Life has become more manageable and enjoyable for me with yoga.

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