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Many yogis have asked how you can help True Self Yoga during these times of uncertainty. We are grateful for these acts of generosity that have helped our small, family business stay open during the pandemic. These are the ways you can help: (1) Buy gift certificates for your family/friends, (2) Donate via Paypal/Venmo,  (3) Contribute to our on-going scholarships listed below and (4) Share the benefits of yoga and meditation!

Quest for Truth embodies the legacy of Trevor Tracy Smith, Vajra’s 20-year old cousin, by providing scholarships for young adults (ages 15-24) and BIPOC yogis to learn the practical application of yoga and meditation for physical and mental health.


The Quest for Truth motto comes from a memorable moment when Trevor was a student at Black Hills High School. Upon entering the library, the librarian asked if she could help Trevor find something, to which he responded, “The truth…I’m on a quest for truth.” This story embodies the enthusiasm for life and growth that Trevor embodied—which is what we will pass on to other young yogis as they quest for their own truth.

You didn’t have to personally know Trevor to resonate with his quest for truth. May Trevor’s life serve as an enduring reminder that life is impermanent and filled with paradox- keep a sense of humor, maintain balance in body & mind, and embrace your own quest for truth.

All proceeds from our donation-based classes create opportunities for young adults to cultivate self-awareness, balance & resilience especially through life’s difficult transitions.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

– Buddha

2 Weeks for $30
2 Weeks for $30

What a magnificent studio oasis!

True Self is the best yoga studio in Olympia by far! Their variety of classes, from heated and regular, as well as their beautiful studio space, and the deeply passionate and knowledgeable owners all create a safe and supportive yoga community. - Sarah Burdette

They've created and hold space for their yogis so well that even the studio seems to have a sense of it's true self.

I've been a yogi in Olympia for about 10 years and True Self Yoga is the first studio that meets all of my yoga needs, and then some. When you visit True Self, you don't walk straight into a yoga room like most studios. - Camy Naasz

The heated room boasts a special heating system that you need to experience!

Beautiful space to practice with a variety of class offerings, great instructors, kombucha on tap and the latest yoga gear. Two studios: one heated and the other non-heated. Floors are always clean and they also have showers in the changing rooms, which is a must for hot yoga! - Rese Kim

With their combined yoga and meditation experiences and with deep roots in the Olympia community, husband-and-wife team, Vajra Romano and Christina Lagdameo, have established True Self Yoga with the mission to bring out your highest good.