Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop with Ellie (Note- two time options)

Option #1
October 28, 12-2 pm

If you are new to arm balancing and inversions this Is the workshop for you!
We will go over prep work and alignment
Together with Ellie, we will go over: crow pose, side crow, headstand &, tripod headstand
Members $35
Non- Member $40
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Option #2
October 28, 5-7 pm
Inversion and Arm Balance Workshop with Ellie

Join Ellie for this workshop if you’ve got the “main” shapes down and are looking to add on, learn what asanas to enter from and try funky transitions then this workshop Is for you!Together we will go over: eka pada Koundinyasana I + Ii, flying pigeon, grasshopper, forearm stand, eight angle, fallen angel
Member $35
Non Member $40
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