Yoga Behind Bars equips yoga teachers with a trauma informed perspective to share  yoga and meditation with incarcerated people. They have trained 680 people, 15 incarcerated teacher and reach 4,013 students annually.

We have had the pleasure of hosting the YBB training multiple times.  Each time brings with it an opportunity to contemplate they ways  we can share the practice in an inclusive, sensitive, and transformative way.

Holly, one of our teachers took part i the training this year. Here is what she has to say:

“Yoga Behind Bars might have started as a non-profit that brings tools for mindfulness, body awareness, and movement into prison settings, but their work seems so much bigger and more important after taking their training this past weekend. The knowledge that each of the facilitators brought, along with their humble and open hearts, has been a great addition to how I view my own yoga practice and how I can be a better teacher to my current and future students, especially those who may be coming to their mat with a little more heaviness to their hearts and minds, whether that be from trauma or any other burden that they might bear. They presented some of the most amazing and thought-provoking conversations around diversity, inclusion, language, and much more in the yoga realm. If you are able, please support their programs in whatever way you can!”

To learn about how you can get involved check out the YBB website.

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